Please pray for Tom

Last week I told you that my goal was going to be looking for new ways to enjoy life.  I wore my silly socks, I made faces at a baby, I did the jump around at the Badger football game.  I bought presents for a friend, I helped plan a first birthday party and I sat in my garden.  I sang along to my IPod while I volunteered at American Cancer Society. I spent the week not worrying about what others might think of me.  And, I enjoyed it.

It was not a selfish week, not a week of my joy at the expense of others (although anyone who had to hear me sing might argue with that!).  I did things that I enjoy, and shared that joy with others around me.  It was all just simple ways to enjoy the world around me.  I needed it.  Deep in my heart there is sadness.

A year ago I wrote about Jack:

A couple weeks ago I learned that Jack’s God-father, who is also a friend of our family, was diagnosed with a terrible disease that has no cure. Today we got to visit them at an open house. It was great to see them, but emotionally draining to see what is happening to the mind of a man who is so strong and eloquent. We first met him when he wrote an article about Ryan nearly 10 years ago and a final article after Ryan passed away:

So tomorrow I will continue to look for and share simple joy in life.  I will appreciate each and every day that I wake up, in honor of those who would simply wish for one more day. I hope that you find joy this week too.

Dear God,
This world is full of human pain and suffering.  We all have struggles and we all have pain.  Each day we are faced with things that try to beat us down. Thank you for caring for us, for loving us and for giving us a hope of the joy we will find at your side in your kingdom.  Please help Tom and his family find peace.  Help his doctors and nurses to ease his suffering. Show us all how to help him.

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One Response to Please pray for Tom

  1. Kris says:

    Thank you Amy….

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