What makes us different? What makes us alike?

Sing like no one is listening.
Love like you’ve never been hurt.
Dance like nobody’s watching,
and live like it’s heaven on earth.

Yesterday I spent the day at The Taste of Madison, in downtown, around of the capital square.  Me and over 100,000 other people.  We all were herded around the block, drinking beer and wine, and eating much more food than any individual should.  We got to try food from different restaurants all around town. Lots of great food.  And music from different local groups.

As we were sitting on the grass, eating and drinking, and listening to one of the groups, I was also doing a lot of people watching.  I love seeing the different people – young and old, big and small, blondes, brunettes and red heads.  It is remarkable to me that there are so many people in the world and we are all different – strengths and weaknesses, joys and sorrows, goals, aspirations and personalities.  I just sat there watching and appreciating all the variety that paraded past me.

While we sat there, I watched a little boy in the family sitting in front of us on the lawn.  He was about 2 years old and spent most of the time just running in circles.  Smiling, laughing, enjoying the sun and running in circles for the pure joy of running.  Simply running for the joy of running.   More energy in that little package than I feel like I have ever had.  I am sure that I enjoyed life like that when I was 2, I am sure most of us did.

Somewhere along the line, we all start taking ourselves too seriously and forget how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  We are forced to worry about the world around us and are expected to “grow up”.   And when we grow up, we are expected to stop running in circles for no reason.  We are expected to not let everyone see us find pure joy in those things as simple as the sun.

So tomorrow I am going to look for the simple joys in life.  I am going to express that joy without worrying about what others think.  I won’t be running in circles, but I will find reasons to smile, laugh and enjoy the day.

Dear God,
Thank you for creating us each to be unique.  Thank you for giving us things to smile about and laugh about, the ability to laugh and smile, and so many wonderful people to share those feelings with.

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