A prayer for the children

This week, Kirby and I were on vacation. Actually, I was on vacation at a resort where Kirby was attending a board meeting and convention. Early in the week I got a cold and by our trip home today, I was miserable. I was so angry about my week being disrupted by ANOTHER cold. Seems like every time we go somewhere, I get sick. I know, poor me.

Listening to the radio shortly after we got in the car this morning, we heard another story about a small child that lost his life in a hot car. All day my heart has been breaking for another family that lost a future, another family that has to grieve for a life that ended too soon, another family that will never be the same. Suddenly, my cold wasn’t such a big deal. Suddenly, wining about a disrupted vacation felt foolish.

We are living in a society where we can start our car from inside our house. We can use our phone to find a route to anywhere in the world. Nearly everything in our world can be controlled by pushing some button. And yet, since 1998, 619 kids have died from heatstroke after being left in closed cars. There have been 619 families that have had to deal with a death that should have been avoidable. My heart is broken.

We need to find a way to stop it from happening again. There is an app for everything else, why can’t there be an app to remind parents to check the car seat? Maybe an alarm in the car that sounds if there is weight in the car seat after the car is shut off? Or even something as simple as putting a stuffed animal in the car seat that they move to the front seat when they strap their child in. Maybe something different in the front seat will help them to remember the precious cargo sleeping in the back.

Dear God,
Please help us to save any children from suffering an unnecessary death. Please be with those families who have suffered through that loss. And please give a hug to those children who are with you.

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3 Responses to A prayer for the children

  1. Sherry Otto says:

    I agree with you so very much Amy ! This just makes me sick to my stomach–especially after hearing news reports that he did this intentionally. I hope I heard wrong–how could anyone even think about such a thing !! Yes, they certainly could devise an app for this, they seem to be able to make one for everything else. I make it a point to glance at cars in parking lots while walking into a store to see if there are any kids alone, (or pets on a hot day). I have the non-emergency police number on my phone, and did call once about a dog in a car on a very hot day–windows were up. Reading your message can help make us all more aware, and bold when we need to be !! Thank you Amy !!

    • Thanks Sherry. I have called 911 before when I saw kids sleeping in an occupied car. The lady came out of the store and heard me talking to dispatch, I thought she was going to pound me. Instead she decided to drive away before the police arrived. I would do it again.

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