(This was my graduation post from last year.  I have had an emotional evening, so I just thought I would repost. )

Tonight was high school graduation here in Sun Prairie. For those of you not from around here, we are a small town with only one high school. So graduation is a big deal. Everyone in town knows someone graduating. You need a ticket to get into the ceremony and its a hard ticket to get. It’s a big deal, and it should be. Graduation is the just the beginning though, the start of something new.

This weekend families all over town are celebrating the start of summer. School is out. Some of the kids are just on a break, and others have finished their formal education. Some will continue their education, some will go straight to jobs, and some are still unsure. But for right now, for today, they are celebrating the end of high school. They are moving on. They are growing up.

Did you know that we only use a small percentage of our brain? God could have made us already equipped with all the knowledge we might ever need for life. But instead of creating us perfect, he created us with the ability to learn and the curiosity needed to learn. We want to learn and we need others to teach us.

Life is all about learning.

So today, dear God, I pray for our high school graduates. The “next” generation. This group of individuals that will someday lead our businesses, our communities and our country. I pray for their wisdom, strength and integrity. I pray that they know you, and lean on you in all they do.


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