How can we help?

The last couple of weeks I have been struggling to find something to be upbeat about.  The news has been full of earthquakes, fires, mudslides and a missing plane.  Families around the world have been struggling with fear and grief.  Deep in the cold of a late spring, the world has been depressing.  Looking for a reason to see joy, I finally found it when I least expected it.

Yesterday morning I met with a friend to talk about Habitat for Humanity.  I interviewed a future home recipient to help provide our church with information on the project.  This beautiful woman, who was literally beaten up by life, has decided to make life better for her and her children.  With the help of Habitat, she is determined to provide her kids with a home and a happy life.  When life seemed at its worst for her, she took control.

Today, I am praying for all those people out there who are in dangerous situation and aren’t able to get out.  I am praying that they are able to find the help they need, and that I continue to look for ways to provide that help.

Dear God,
This world can be a scary and dangerous place.  Help us all to be your hands, feet and voice to save those who need your help.

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