Ryan Rocks

Tonight I went to a dinner at church and heard a wonderful inspirational speaker and singer. At the end of the her program, she gave each of us a small blue stone. It was very pretty, but still just a small stone. She asked each of us to look closely at it and then she talked about the way our thoughts and actions are like that small stone. Now I am going to paraphrase, and will tell you what I heard even though it may not be exactly what she said.

Everyday, with every action, we toss small pebbles. What we say to others, what we do, and how we treat others, is like tossing a small pebble into water. Whether we make a big or small splash, the surface of the water is broken and a ripple begins. The rock may disappear, but the ripples are still there. We may never see the pebble again, but as it sinks out of view, the impact it made on the water continues to be there. It may only send out a few small ripples or it may send waves rushing to the shore; whatever it does, the water is changed. The energy we sent into that lake, pond or ocean will dissipate across the surface. A ripple will be felt.

After Ryan passed away, our family started handing out “Ryan rocks”. The purpose at the time was just a small physical way to carry around Ryan with us. We placed rocks with his name or initials at places we visited. We gave rocks to friends and family who he cared about. I know that some of you still have them placed where you can see them, to remind you of the impact a young man on your life. Until tonight, I hadn’t thought of the ripple effect that Ryan had.

We are all like that small stone. We too will disappear from this earth, and leave behind the ripples that we made. Today I challenge you to live a life where the ripples you make are a joy to others. I challenge you to make a big splash, and big waves, that make the world a better place and that bring joy to God.


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