I think He wants me to keep writing.

Do you believe in coincidences?  I don’t.  I have felt that many of those things that happen are more of a “God moment” than a simple coincidence.  Let me explain.

I told you yesterday that I was not having a great day.  I have been struggling with what to write about, and wondered if I should just quit.  I went to bed with that on my mind.  I tossed and turned.  And then I decided to count my blessings instead of sheep.

I started with my kids.  Then I went through and named each member of my family.  I thought of each person, and thanked God for the role they have played in my life.  I  thought about the joy they have brought to my life, their unique qualities, and the blessings in the life.  I also thought about their struggles.  I prayed for financial concerns, mental and emotional struggles, and broken relationships.  I asked God for his healing hand.  I prayed that they each felt the love and joy that they have brought to my life.

And then I thought about my blog.   I thought about how I promised God when I started this blog, that it would be my way of honoring him.  I thought about how I have been trying to write from my head, instead of listening for his voice and writing from my heart.  I told him:

“If you still want me to write, I will.  If you still have something you want me to say, I will listen.”

As I drifted off to sleep, I moved on from my family to my friends.  I named each of those people who are my “family by choice”.  I thought of each of you.  I prayed for you.  I thanked God for each and everyone of you.

This morning, an amazing thing happened.  I had so many ideas for upcoming blogs, I actually had to take out paper and make a list.  I suddenly realized that God was filling my head and my heart again.  When I gave it back to Him, God gave me a new voice.  His voice.  He told me, in his way, that somewhere out there, there is someone who needs to hear from Him.  You can only imagine how I am humbled today.

So today, I am thanking God for hearing me.  I am thanking Him for talking to me.  And I am praying that I am worthy of His words.


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3 Responses to I think He wants me to keep writing.

  1. Alice Findler says:

    And I am thanking God that he spoke to you and gave you more to blog about.

  2. That’s so neat Amy! I’m glad you didn’t quit. I love to read your blog. I feel like you say so many things that I feel too.
    Thank you!

  3. Erlene says:

    I too say thank you Amy for asking for God’s help and then listening to his answer. Please continue to keep blogging. Your thoughts and words are insightful and encouraging. Keep up the good work.

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