Resolutions anyone?

I am not one for New Years resolutions. I used to do them every year, and then set myself for disappointment. I would vow to give up a bad habit, start a good one. Exercise more, eat better, lose weight. I would plan to cook more and eat out less, be better organized and keep the house cleaner. I would try and then get discouraged and give up. Leaving me feeling worse than when I started. So I quit making resolutions.

So now I start each new year, with the same ambition I start each day; I try to find a way to make the world better than I found it. My goal with each new year, and with each new day, is just to be the best me I can be. The person I am has taken 51 years to create, so waking up on Jan. 1st planning some big change just doesn’t work for me. I will just continue to do my best, and try to be happy with the person I see in the mirror. And when I fall short of my best, I will ask God to forgive me and try again. God forgives me, so I will learn to forgive myself.

Today, and this year, I hope that you try to be the best you. I hope that you are happy with who you see in your mirror. And I hope you remember to talk to God about it all.

Dear God,
Thank you for another New Year. Thank you encouraging us, loving us and forgiving us.

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