Happy New Year, please.

Hello.  I took a week off for Christmas and now it is time to share my thoughts with you again.  Lucky you.

I hope you had a marvelous Christmas, I know I did.  The Christmas Eve service was beautiful in our newly remodeled sanctuary.  The music was uplifting, as always.  The message was inspirational, as always.  The friends and church family were welcoming and loving, as always.  Only 51 weeks until we get to do it all again.  I can’t wait.

Today I have been thinking a lot about what has happened in 2013, and what has changed from a year ago.  Overall, this was a pretty quiet year for me.  As I reminisce about other years, I can’t say that was always the case.  I have 2 years where I woke up Jan 1st living in a different state than where I was the year before.  In 1985, I changed my name and marital status.  In 1989 I became a mom, and in 1993 I became a mom again.  I also had some years that started with a smooth ride that became bumpy, and years that really tried to knock me down.  Recently I had 3 years where our families said goodbye to people we loved.  That is how life is.  We have good days and bad days.  We have joy and sadness.  Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.

Tonight, I am praying for so much for 2014.  I am praying that we all have peace, health and happiness.  I pray the people of the world all find a way to live in tranquility with their neighbors.  I pray that those who are struggling with illness, are relieved of their suffering.  I pray those who are hungry are fed.  I pray those who are sad, find joy.  I pray those in pain, find comfort.  I pray those who are lost, find Jesus.
Happy New Year to you. Happy New Year to us all.

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3 Responses to Happy New Year, please.

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  2. Erlene says:

    Thank you so much for your insightful thoughts and prayers. I’ve been reading them for the past several months and you never fail to touch my heart with your words. Please keep them coming. I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year. May 2014 be your best ever. Thank you.

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