Merry Christmas Eve.

All the planning, shopping, wrapping and baking are done. Most of the cookies are delivered. Most of the presents are under the tree.

Now can I celebrate Christmas?

I have told you many times how much I love Christmas.  I have also told you how much I miss Ryan.  Now the two come together.  Ryan’s birthday is the hardest day of the year for me.  As much as I love Christmas, it is the second most difficult day.  He loved Christmas too.  He loved spending time with family, he loved giving and receiving gifts, and he worshipped God.  Of course he would love Christmas.

So much of what we celebrate at this time of year is steeped in tradition; religious, cultural and family.  We hang ornaments on the tree that are sentimental.  We plan family gatherings and favorite meals.  We do so many things that we “do every year”.  And as we get ready for the new year, we reflect on the past.  Naturally we miss all those that have already left us to celebrate Christmas with the birthday boy himself.

So tonight and tomorrow, I hope you get everything on your Christmas list.  I hope you are filled with great food, happy memories and joy.  I hope you get to spend time with your loved ones.  And most of all, I hope you take time to thank God for all of it.

Dear God,
As we celebrate the birthday of your son, we thank you for that amazing and loving gift that you sent to us.  We ask that you watch over all those whose Christmas isn’t as warm and happy, that you protect them, and that they feel your loving arms around them.  I also want to thank you for my family.  Thank you for bringing Kirby into my life.  Thank you for trusting Mallory and Ryan to us.  And thank you for sending Jesus to die for me, so that I will someday see Ryan again.

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