Snowflakes falling….

Have you ever tried to hold a snowflake in your fingers? Have you ever really examined a single snowflake to see how beautiful it is? Or have you ever seen a picture of a snowflake showing the details not visible to the naked eye? It is nothing less than breathtaking.

Here is a website with incredible pictures that you have to see to believe:

Millions of snowflakes are piling up on my deck right now.  Each of them is unique.  Each of them is beautiful.  And each of them are extremely delicate, when they are alone.  Yet with them lying there together, their strength compounds exponentially with each additional one.  Alone, you can’t even pick them up.  A handful make a ball that can be tossed back and forth.  Add enough of them and an entire city comes to a halt. Alone they easily melt, but with the help of others they can stop even a speeding train. Alone they are nearly invisible, together they blanket the earth in beauty.

So today, if you are lucky enough to have snow on the ground, I hope you are able to see the beauty in each flake.  I hope you take a minute to appreciate the effort that God put into making something as small as a snowflake be so wonderful and unique.  And I hope you take a minute to thank God for that beautiful creation.

Dear God,
As we shovel and dig our way out from under the snow, help us to remember the beauty of winter.  As we look out our windows at the cold air, help us to remember to be thankful for the warmth of our homes.  And Father, please help us to remember and find ways to care for those who are alone, cold and hurting.  May we be your hands and voice during this long, cold winter.

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One Response to Snowflakes falling….

  1. Thank you for helping others to remember that pain is a part of our humanity, a way to connect…blessings, Rochelle

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