The longest night and the brightest star.

It is only a few days until Christmas. It is the last few days before we celebrate the birthday of Christ. It is also the first day of winter and the day of the year for us in the northern hemisphere to have the shortest day of the year, and the longest night. The winter solstice begins Saturday at 12:11 p.m., bringing the longest night — most hours of darkness — of the year. Here in Sun Prairie, Wi it will feel like winter, with a predicted low of 18 degrees and up to 9″ of snow. We are deep in the darkness, cold and blanket of winter. Nature is hibernating and Christians everywhere are finding light in Christmas.

Could there be a better time of year to celebrate the hope of eternal life? We look out the window and see winter at it’s harshest. We watch the news and see a world in turmoil. Everywhere we look, there is so much darkness, sadness and pain.

And then we wake up on Christmas morning.

We wake to see a beautiful morning full of promise.   We see an angel on the tree, just like the angel sent to give Mary the news of her son. We see a tree covered in lights, just like the light of the star announcing a birth.  We see a manger, with a baby sent to save us from ourselves.  And hopefully, we look into our own heart and see a place for the love God gives us every day.

Dear God,
Once again, I come to you in praise, thankfulness and awe. Once again I know you are there to listen and forgive me.

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