Shall I sing for Him?

I absolutely love music, especially at Christmastime. This time of year there are songs from all genres of music that all tell the Christmas story in their own way. And I will listen to any of them and I like most of them. I can’t even say that I have a favorite, because when I do, I hear one that I have forgotten about and love it too.

Do you have a favorite Christmas song?

I have said before that I think music is amazing. One musical instrument in different hands can sound so many different ways. Music has the ability to sooth, inspire, relax, excite and calm. The words, the rhythms, the tempo, and the volume all play a part in the story that is being told in a song. And so often, once you know the words to a song, you will always remember them.

With which songs do you like to sing along?

Different songs can bring up different memories for me. “Oh Holy Night” reminds me of Christmas Eve, at church with my family as a child. “Little Drummer Boy” will forever be associated with my husband playing the drums. “Do You Hear What I Hear?” is a song that reminds me of singing in church choir when I was little. “Mary, Did You Know?” helps me to think of the Christmas story from Mary’s point of view. And “Silent Night” is the one that brings tears to my eyes, as I remember Ryan and Mallory holding candles at the last church service Ryan was able to attend.

So today, I hope you hear your favorite Christmas song. If you want to sing, I hope you sing along as if no one is listening. If you want to dance, I hope you dance as if no one is watching. If you want to cry, I hope you cry. If you want to laugh, I hope you laugh. And I hope you appreciate it all, as a way to praise God.

Dear God,
Again today, I thank you for the gift of music. Instruments and voices that come together to tell a story and entertain us. I am especially thankful for the songs of this beautiful season. For the memories they ignite in my heart, for the feelings they ignite in my soul. May you hear us praise you through this beautiful gift you gave us as we thank you for the most incredible gift, your son.
In your name and in the name of your son, our one true savior, Jesus Christ.

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