Are you ready?

This advent season, our church is following a study by Adam Hamilton called “The Journey”. The final paragraph of the introduction reads:

In a world where so much focus at Christmas is placed on gift giving, card sending, and party attending, the season of Advent itself is a precious gift. Its purpose is to help us remember the story of a peasant girl who gave birth in a stable to a child whose life, death, and resurrection would change the world.

Now, doesn’t that draw you into the book?  I couldn’t wait to read on.  I have enjoyed other writings of his, but that paragraph speaks to my heart.  It leads me into a story of a unwed and pregnant teenage girl, a young man who had to trust in God, and a baby born into their family.  A baby born to save a world that didn’t ask to be saved and probably didn’t deserve it.  A savior delivered in a barn, among animals, and visited by shepherds.  A king born to peasants, who lived as a carpenter.  And it all it all started in a manger.

So tonight, I hope you are preparing your heart for the best gift ever given.  I am listening to Christmas music, awaiting the birth of our savior and our king.  He is coming, I hope I am ready.


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