Is your life fair?

If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair with them, it is like expecting a lion not to eat you because you aren’t trying to eat it.” — Unknown

When I read that quote, it made me laugh.  Then I reread it, and reread it.  I really like the thought behind it.  Life isn’t fair.   And yet we expect it to be.  We shake our fists in the air when things don’t go our way.  If I am good person, treating everyone the way I want to be treated, why isn’t my life better?  If I love my neighbor, don’t cheat or steal, play fair and don’t lie, why can’t everyone around me do the same?

If liars never prosper and cheaters never win, why does it seem that they are the ones that do?

Do you think life is fair?  I often wonder about that.  I often wonder if what has happened to me in my life is fair.  Do I get only what I deserve, nothing more and nothing less?  Of course not.  To expect that is foolish, but still hard to accept.  With earthly things, it is impossible to really judge or expect.  And what if we only received eternal life if we truly earned or deserved it?

Would you really be headed to Heaven if it was based on a point system.  One point for being kind to a stranger, one for rescuing a dog, one for holding your tongue when someone is mean to you.  Lose one point for sharing gossip, lose one for lying, lose one for evil thoughts, lose one for passing a homeless person without helping.  The list on each side is endless.  Would your final score be in the positive or negative?  Would you earn you way into Heaven.  I am pretty sure I wouldn’t.  And I am pretty sure Heaven would have a small population.

Thanks to God, we don’t have to earn our way.  Thanks to God, we have been promised that Heaven is waiting for us.

Dear Father,
Thank you for sending us your Son, to die for our sins, to give us the gift of eternal life. Thank you for giving us more than we truly deserve, and forgiving us when we do something wrong. Please help us to live a life that would put points in the positive side, just because that is they way you want us to live not because we want life to be more fair.
In the name of your Son,

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