Do you play baseball?

I think God is a baseball fan. I say that, because He likes to throw curve balls. Let me explain.

A couple years ago, our church was starting a Stephan Ministries program. Stephen Ministry is a one-to-one lay caring ministry, and they were looking for volunteers. I thought about it, God suggested it, but I never got around to it. God was just warming me up.

The next time they were looking for volunteers, I couldn’t get away from God’s nudging. He kept pushing me, and I kept pushing back. Even after I started the training, I would tell others in the class that I didn’t understand why He wanted me there. It really didn’t feel like something I was equipped for. I kept studying, reading and praying. I understood that He knew what He was doing, but it didn’t make sense to me. God had thrown me a curve ball.

After several months, we finished training and I was waiting to be assigned my care receiver. Because of confidentiality, you will just have to take my word for this part of the story. I was assigned a care receiver that is a perfect match. My experience is helping her (I hope!) and helping her is making me feel useful. I am using what I have been through to glorify God. The curve ball was just a test to get me ready for the next pitch. He got me to concentrate and then he lobbed me an easy one. I hope he is happy with my hit.

I don’t know much about baseball, so I am sure my analogy is flawed. But that is me, not perfect, not even close. I am still learning, God isn’t finished with me yet. He keeps coaching me and like so many players, I make mistakes. Sometimes I think I know better and try to go my own way, but God knows what is going on in the whole game not just my little part of it, so He always knows better than I. Hopefully I will get better at listening.

I thought about ending with an analogy about the world series, but I thought that might be pushing it too far. You will just have to come up with your own. 🙂

Dear God,
Thank you for being so patient with me. Thank you for continuing to work with me, hoping I will someday get it right.  And thank you for always knowing what I need, where I should be and what I should be doing, better than I.

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