My One Word

The Friday morning book club I belong to is reading the book “My One Word”. The premise of the book is to pick a single word to center your life around for the next year. One word, 365 days.

When I first saw the title of the book, I was more than just a little perplexed. It was not one of those AHA moments for me, where the sky opens up, the angels sings and I am suddenly inspired. It was more like the feeling I get when I think about the fact that time has no beginning or ending and space goes on forever. You know the feeling, the one where I have to take an aspirin and go to bed. The one where my head spins and my tummy hurts. The thought of narrowing my focus to just one word for an entire year seemed more than a little overwhelming.

Did you know that there are over 250,000 unique words in the English language? 250 THOUSAND… Granted my vocabulary is only a fraction of that, but I still wonder how I can simply pick one word. Simplify. Maybe that should be my word. I look around my house and see so much stuff and so many unfinished projects, maybe I just need to simplify. Or maybe it should be finish. Kirby calls me the queen of unfinished projects, I start something and then I get distracted and don’t finish. Or maybe that is because I can’t concentrate. Maybe that should be my word.  Concentrate. Maybe life won’t be so complicated if I could just learn to concentrate. But then again, it would be easier to concentrate if my life was just simpler. And I am back to simplify.  You see my problem.

I have a few days to decide.  I will keep reading the book to look for guidance.  But for today, my word is going to be breathe.  Today I am going to enjoy a beautiful, although very windy, fall Saturday.  I am going to do some things around the house, then go on a confirmation retreat.  I am just going to appreciate another day of living.  And breathe.

Dear God,
You have blessed us with so much knowledge and a wonderful ability to communicate.  Help us to use both those gifts to share your love and your message with a world in need.

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