Thankful Thursday.

Today, I am thankful for so many things that it is hard to know where to start. I will say that the first thing that comes to mind is the great night sleep I got last night. It must have been feeling good about having all 3 of us under the same roof again. Only wish that there would have been one more Davidson here, but I know his little heart was here in spirit.

Autumn can be a beautiful season. It can also be bleak, gray and rainy. Yesterday and today have been like that here in Wisconsin. It makes me want to light a fire in the fireplace and curl up with hot cocoa and a good book. I want to grab a warm blanket and my dog. I want to prepare to hibernate. I guess that is what fall is for. The earth is preparing for the long winter that we have in this part of the world. And through all the bleakness of the day, I am thankful.

I love the changing of the seasons. I love to watch all the changes that nature makes as it experiences the highs and lows of the years. I am amazed at how most trees and plants can survive the harshness of winter and revive themselves when spring returns. Or how resilient the grass is after a dry, hot summer. One good rain and it turns green, almost overnight. You can almost hear the ground praise God for the cool rain. And through all the bleakness of the day, I am thankful.

Have you ever just examined all the colors of a maple tree as the leaves turn from green to every possible shade of yellow and red? Colors exist on that tree that I think God created just for that particular tree in my yard to display. Colors that were put there just for me. Colors that are nearly glowing, even on a bleak, gray and rainy day like today. And so, even through all the bleakness of this day, I am thankful.

I hope you find things to be thankful for today too.

Dear God,
Finding beauty in this world can sometimes be a challenge. Even though you have put beautiful things all around us, we sometimes put on blinders and can only see the bad. Please forgive us for being so accustomed to all you have given us that we forget to appreciate it. Please forgive us for not being better stewards of this beautiful planet. Please don’t give up on us, we are trying to do better. Thank you for so much.

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