The beauty of autumn.

This morning as I sit and do my reading, I can’t help but stare out the window at the beautiful maple tree in our back yard. The leaves are turning amazing shades of orange, red and purple. It is hard to look at it and believe that those same leaves were green just a couple weeks ago. What a wonderful transition from the heat of summer to the rest of the frozen winter.

With every weather change, I think “This is my favorite season.” I enjoy winter, because I like the cold and the beauty of the snow. In the spring, I love the anticipation of the rebirth of my gardens. Summer is a time for vacations and sunshine. And autumn gives a rest from the heat. Life seems to reorganize with the start of school and church programs. The air is crisp, and the night is cool. And the leaves change colors as if God has changed his palate and taken a new paint brush to the earth. Greens give way to reds, rusts and yellows.

If you don’t live in a place of four seasons, I hope you at least get a chance to travel to see the fall colors. If you are as lucky as I to have all the beauty of autumn outside your windows, I hope to take time to enjoy it. Take a walk or a drive, and be sure to take a camera with you. Then, in the dead of winter, pull out those pictures and remember that all seasons move along.

Dear God,
Thank you for the beauty of fall. Thank you for all the wonderful ways that you ease us from one season to another. Thank you for the crisp air of autumn as we prepare for the long winter ahead.

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