Thank you for family.

I woke up in a very nostalgic mood this morning. It might be waking up in my moms house, and knowing I am headed home Tuesday. Or maybe the fact that Sunday is always a harder day. Or maybe it was something else. Whatever the reason, today is going to be a day of reminiscing.

Yesterday afternoon, both of my sisters were here with mom, Mallory and I. The 5 of us sat in the living room and chatted for a couple hours. We told stories about each other. We laughed about things that other people wouldn’t understand. We tried to remember names and places from when we were young. We talked about friends, family, church and vacations. The years melted away and we were teenagers, sharing a bathroom and fighting about doing the dishes. We were young, with nothing but the future to look forward to, without the bruises of life. Just girls talking about life with their mom.

Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship. Margaret Mead

The 5 of us aren’t all together very often. Time, space and life has made that difficult. But get us back in the same room and it is as if we have never been apart. I am so glad that God put us into the same family. I wish we were together more often.  I hope you all have someone as special to you as my sisters and my mom are to me.

Dear God,
Thank you, again, for family. Thank you for people with whom we share our lives. People that are there through the good and bad of life. Those people who have known the best and worst, and still stick around to help. Those who love us when it might be hard to even like us. Thank you.

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One Response to Thank you for family.

  1. So true Amy! I have 2 sisters and I have felt exactly the same way as you did. Your closing sentence will go down as a quote! Keep sharing!!!

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