Is laughter contagious?

Today I saw a video on Youtube that really made me laugh. The video is of a woman on a subway, just laughing. She is looking at her phone, and just starts laughing, loudly. It only takes a couple minutes for others around her to join in. First a few chuckles, then it spreads through the entire car. Within minutes, most of the people in her vicinity are laughing along. They don’t know why she laughing, they just join in. Some are giggling, some are snickering, some are having a full belly laugh. By the end of the video, I was laughing too.

A smile is contagious as well. Most times if you smile at a stranger, you will get a smile in return. I even read that you can actually improve your move by smiling. If you are in a bad mood, just forcing yourself to smile can brighten your mood. And it can also brighten the mood of those who see your smile.

So today, I tried it. My mood wasn’t great this afternoon. I forced myself to go for a walk, and I decided to just smile as I walked. I might have looked like a lunatic, but I did it. And it helped. Even with the cloudy sky, the mist and my bad mood. A forced smile improved my outlook. It was great. My day instantly got better. I am going to try it whenever my days are cloudy. I hope you do too.

Dear God,
Thank you for the gift of laughter. It is a gift that has changed my life so often. I am so very thankful for those many things that make me smile and make me laugh. I thank you for all those wonderful things.

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