Happy Birthday Mom.

Today is my mother’s birthday. I am very glad to be spending the day with her. She is recovering from surgery, but she is doing well and I am happy to be here to help. I have told you about my dad in earlier posts (Tuesday would have been his 80th birthday) but I haven’t told you much about my mom. Until today…

My mom has always been there for me. She made us breakfast in the morning and got me ready for school. She was there when we got home from school, often with homemade treats. Dinner was always on the table at 6 and we were all expected to be there. And although I may not have appreciated all of it at the time, we had a big family and dinner was always homemade. She kept us fed, clothed and clean. She made sure we did our homework and had treats to take to school for our friends. She threw birthday parties, graduation parties and beautiful weddings. I had a wonderful childhood, and I am grateful.

My mom taught me so much about being a mom. The greatest lesson was the importance of family. We ate meals together, we celebrated holidays together, we vacationed together. Looking back, she worked so hard to make it look so easy. I never thought about how much work went into the planning and preparing for all those events. I didn’t know that not everyone had such a happy life.

Mom also has a beautiful singing voice, which I didn’t inherit. My earliest memories are of her singing at church. My faith and the basis of my belief system, date back to the days in church. We may have fought it, but we were expected to go to church every Sunday. I am so glad she insisted that I go, it has made me who I am.

So today, I am thankful for my mom. For all she did and continues to do for me. For making me the woman, mother, sister and child of God that I am.

Dear God,
Thank you for my mom. Thank you for placing me in a loving family. Today I ask that you reach out to my family and allow them to feel your love. I ask for peace and forgiveness. And finally, I ask for mom’s continued healing and for many more birthdays.

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One Response to Happy Birthday Mom.

  1. Amy,
    Your Mom is so special to me too! I’ve only known her for a few years and I live getting to visit w/her when I’m in her “town”.

    She’s always happy, positive, and she just inspires me!!

    Please tell her Happy Happy Birthday for me!

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