Do you hear what I mean?

Do you ever wish your life had a keyboard? As I write this blog I can think about what I want you to read, I can edit it, and I can erase what I decide isn’t right. You don’t get to read my first thought, sometimes it isn’t even a second draft. I have even deleted entire posts when I have reread them and decided they weren’t worth sharing. If only I took as much time with everything in my life.

Far too often, I have said things that I wish I hadn’t. There have been times when I can almost see the words coming out of my mouth and wish I could delete them before anyone else hears them. I look for the delete button to erase the words that are just hanging there. I scramble to reboot the conversation and start over. But, there is nothing I can do. The words are out there. The damage has been done and all I can do is look for a way to correct it. All I can do is say “I’m sorry.”

Those 2 words are very difficult for me to say. I am not very good at admitting when I am wrong, and that is something I need to work on. If I have ever said anything to hurt you, I am very sorry. I don’t want to be hurtful, usually I am just trying to be funny. It is my sense of humor that gets me in trouble. I will work on that too. But for today, I will ask for forgiveness. And I will try to be better.

Dear God,
There are too many times where words come out of my mouth before my brain can stop them. The meaning behind my thoughts gets tangled up and I end up hurting someone’s feelings. Please help me to stop and think before I speak. Help me to be better at knowing how my words will be heard.

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