Once again, thank you.

This weekend Kirby and I spent the weekend in Ames, celebrating the 100th anniversary of his fraternity on campus. There were men there from before Kirby’s time in the house, young men still living in the house, and every age between. It was a weekend of reminiscing, laughing and even a few tears. We shared stories, toured his fraternity and my sorority, visited some of our old hangouts, and looked at hysterical pictures. It was a great time.

One of the things that always amuses me at reunions is when people say “You haven’t changed a bit.” I always laugh, because of course I have changed. I am a 51 year old diabetic who doesn’t drink as much beer and can’t handle spicy food anymore. I hope I am more forgiving and less judgmental. I have wrinkles, grey hair and a couple more chins. I have learned that life is fragile and no longer think I am invincible. Life has been enjoyable, challenging, painful, and eventful. I don’t feel like 30 years have passed and I don’t feel like I am 30 years older than I was in college. But, it has and I am.

What I think people meant when they said that, what I think they were really saying was “I can still see that 20 year old girl in the sparkle of those 51 year old eyes.” Life changes us. Time flies and we are shaped by everything that we experience. But, under it all, there is still that young girl that enjoyed college life a little too much and had no idea how life was going to play out. Under all the grey hair and wrinkles, I am that same person.

Tonight, I am going to continue to think about those people I knew in college, who helped shaped that time of my life. Some of them I have lost touch with and some have left this world too soon. But some are still part of my life and continue to have an impact on me. I have been blessed to know many wonderful people. Thank you all for letting me a part of your life.

Dear God,
I am humbled when I realize what a wonderful life I have been given. Thank you for putting me in this wonderful place, with these wonderful people. I just want to say thank you.

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