Do all dogs go to Heaven?

Today we said goodbye to one of our dogs, Harley Meeko Davidson. He was a 12 year old Yorkshire Terrier, that we rescued when he was 8. He was a great dog, that we loved very much. He will be missed.

Four years ago, after Ryan passed away, I decided we needed a second dog. We already had one yorkie, and decided another one would be a nice addition to the family. I started looking into a rescue dog. I found a yorkie that was named Harley, and when we realized his name would be Harley Davidson, we knew it was fate. We gave him his middle name because Ryan always wanted a dog named Meeko.

The first time Harley was brought into the house, he made a quick sweep through and then jumped up and laid down on the back of the couch. He was at home immediately. We knew we had made the right choice. From the very first day he knew he was my dog, and spent his time as close to me as possible.

Over the past 4 years we have decided that he might not have had a very happy life before joining our family. He had some demons that still haunted him. It broke my heart that such a sweet dog could have mistreated. He was still a great dog and we loved him. The house is very quiet tonight.

So tonight I ask that you say a prayer for us, for Harley, and for everyone who has lost a pet they love. I also ask that you say a prayer for all those poor, defenseless animals that are abused or mistreated. They don’t deserve that kind of treatment. I pray they all find a happy home.

Dear God,
Thank you for bringing Harley into our lives. Thank you for all those pets who bring us joy and love us unconditionally. If you see Harley tonight, let him know that we love him. And if you have a chance, he really likes to be scratched behind the ears and under the chin.

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