I saw God today.

Today I got to do one of my very favorite things in this whole world.  Today I got to hold a brand new baby.  Today I got to celebrate the miracle of birth.

I saw God today.

A new baby is so amazing to me.  One minute they are part of their mother, relying on her for everything to keep them alive and the next they are their own person.  I got to watch her breathe, cry, blink and live, all on her own.  For 5 months I have been looking at an ultrasound picture of her, praying for her and her mom.  For 5 months I have looked forward to seeing her.

I saw God today.

I have only known her mom for 5 months.  We met under very unfortunate circumstances.  We have laughed and cried together.  We have talked about how she would feel when she saw this beautiful little girl.  We have asked God to protect and comfort them both.  And He did.

I saw God today.

She is perfect.  She is a miracle.  She brought joy to a family who was in need of joy.  So today I will pray for her and her family. Today I will continue to thank God.

Dear God,
Thank you for bringing another beautiful child safely into this world. Thank you for the gift of life, for the miracle in each new baby, and for the hope for the future that we see in each new babies eyes. Please watch over this new little girl, who has not yet found a name. Please bless her with a long, healthy and happy life. I pray she lives a life that gives you glory.

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