What is faith?

As you know by now, if you have read many of my blog posts, I like inspirational sayings. I am pretty sappy and I have several different quotes posted around the house. I have a refrigerator magnet that I think I got from Pastor Susan Bresser during Ryan’s illness that says:

“Faith is believing that one of two things will happen,” she said. “That there will be something solid for you to stand on, or that you will be taught to fly.” ~ unknown

Faith is obviously important to me, and I have faith in many things. I have faith in the strength of my marriage, the love of my friends and family, and of course in God. I have faith the sun will come up tomorrow and that someday I will be with God in Heaven. When bad things happen, I have faith that He will provide me with something solid to stand on or He will teach me to fly.

At different times this week, my friend will have a baby, my mom will have a hip replacement, and my little brother will get his prosthetic leg. Each of these events brings up different emotions in my mind and in my heart. I am thankful in how far modern medicine has come, and that my mom and my brother are able to improve their quality of life. I am thankful that my friends baby is being born at a time and place that will give her an amazing chance at a long and healthy life. And still, there is so much turmoil and hatred in parts of this world. Each day there are people suffering and dying unnecessarily. There are so many people who struggle with their faith in a world so full of pain.

So tonight, I pray for those who are struggling with their faith. I am praying that they see God’s love in the people around them and feel His arms around them. I pray that we all know God’s love, feel His arms, and know that someday this world will fall into dust as we spend eternity in a much better place.

Dear God,
So much of this world has turned its back on you. There are too many who live with fear, hate and pain. Tonight I ask that those who are your soldiers here on earth find a way to reach out to those who need your love. Help those of us who know you to be your arms, legs, hand and voice. May there be a day, very soon, when we all are able to sing your praise. Please watch over my loved ones who need your care this week. And bless us all with your love.

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