Thanks be to God.

Today is Thursday, and it is very easy for me to find things to be thankful for. It was a beautiful day and I spent it in the gardens. I was reminded how much I love flowers and how much I love being outside in nice weather. I have days like today, and I wish everyday was this wonderful. Of course, if every day were like today, I would not appreciate it. We need to have the bad weather to fully enjoy the good days.

As I was weeding and pulling out the dead plants, I started wondering why some of them survived and some didn’t. These plants that were right next to each other, getting the same amount of sun, water and care. They looked so similar and yet one lived and one died. For whatever reason, some of my plants didn’t survive the summer. But, most of them did.

Gardening is like that. You do what you can. You water, weed and feed. And then you leave it God’s hands, and hope they turn into something beautiful. If only we could have the same faith with our lives. If only we were able to give what we have to life and then leave it up to God to turn us into something beautiful.

Today, I enjoyed the weather and my gardens. I am praying tonight that I am better about turning myself over to God.

Dear God,
Tonight I am thankful for the sun, the cool breeze, and the beautiful flowers. Tonight, I am thankful for the gift of life that you have given me. I am thankful.

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