What is human nature?

Is it really human nature to judge people? Or do we use the words “human nature” as an excuse to do what we really know is wrong? Are we looking for excuses for our behavior without trying to change the way we act? Why is it so hard to change our bad habits? Why do we judge others without seeing the same in ourselves?

We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.Henry Ward Beecher

I am very guilty of judging other people, especially famous athletes. I watch what they do and immediately wonder why they could act that way. Why are they throwing away their fame and fortune over something so stupid as drugs, sex, gambling… I tell myself that I know I would never act that way. (At this point I will tell you that I am either having deja vu, or I have written this before… If I have said it before, I guess I am just very passionate about it.) I guess it is time for me to realize, just as no one has walked my path, I have not walked theirs.

The flip side of that quote would be that we can’t judge someone when they fall, without knowing what their path has looked like.  History is full of stories of people who are remembered for their missteps when they should be remembered for the leaps they took before they fell.  If we had been afraid of falling, we never would have taken our first step as a child.

Today, I am going to change my way of thinking.  I am going to change my “nature”.  I am going to pray for those who have stumbled and fallen, and quit judging them.  I am going to pray they learn from their mistakes, and that others learn from it too.  I am going to remember that I am far from perfect and can always use the prayers of others myself.

Dear God,
Today I am asking that you help those who live their life in the spotlight. I am asking that they find wisdom, strength and even forgiveness when needed. I pray that they turn to you for help, and find peace in your love. I pray that we all do.

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