My nightly prayers.

Tonight I am praying for my niece Allison, who is dealing with a medical issue. Allison is a woman of great faith who has always put all her trust in God’s hands. This is no exception. So I am praying for her, her husband and her 2 year old son. I am praying for her doctor and his team. I am praying that they are all guided by His worthy hands.

I am also praying for a friend who has been battling breast cancer, and starts her radiation tomorrow. She too is a woman who has put this entire experience in God’s deserving arms. I pray she finds comfort and peace. I pray for her family.

Our bodies are fallible. They get hurt, sick and injured. We were not made perfect, we were made human. So tonight, like every night, I pray for everyone who is battling illness. I ask that you join me in that prayer.

Dear God,
You could have made us perfect. You could have made our bodies invincible. Instead, you made us human. Through our weaknesses, we learn strength. Through our struggles, we learn patience. Through our hardest times, we learn faith. Please help all those who are hurting to feel your love.

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