Happy weekend.

What does Labor Day weekend mean to you?  Is your first thought the end of summer?  Start of school?  Another football season?  Are you looking forward to the fall season or dreading another winter?

I have to say that in our house, it is all about football.  I am not a huge fan, but I do watch some games.  And I do have teams and players that I cheer for.  But, I am far from fanatical about it.  I am more concerned for the safety of the players we have had the pleasure of meeting.  I worry about our friends.

Last weekend we were invited to the Seahawks/Packers game, guests of Coach Pete Carroll.  We met him when he was still at USC.  He friended Ryan, spoke at Ryan’s funeral, and has kept in touch with our family.  Ryan was a very good judge of character, and the men he met through football, are men of great character.  They are men of faith who take the game of football seriously, but also know what is important in this life.  Men who made an impact on Ryan and our entire family.

So I hope you have a great holiday weekend.  I hope you enjoy time with family, and appreciate those you are able to spend time with.  If you are a football fan, I hope you enjoy a well played game.   And, like Ryan, I hope you surround yourself with people of faith and integrity.

Dear God,
Another season has started. We all look at the fall with different views, but hopefully we all see all that you have given us. Please protect us and guide us through a safe and fun weekend.
In your name.

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