What is in a dream?

One of my greatest regrets about Ryan’s life being so short, was that he never knew the joys of being a parent. He loved little kids, and I know that he would have followed in his dads footsteps and been a great father. I was very sad that he missed out on that. Then, shortly after his passing, I had a dream that I will never forget.

When I was in high school, a friend of mine was killed in a car accident. He was only 19 years old, and like Ryan, missed out on so much of life. I have carried Dave in my heart, and throughout my life appreciated different things that I knew he never got to enjoy. I thought about how he never got married and had kids. I thought about him at every great event since I was that age, that I felt bad he never got to have. Then, I had that dream.

As far as I can remember, it was the first time I had dreamt about Dave in the 30 years since his death. I was at a big dinner table with him and he introduced me to his wife and all his kids. He looked so happy, and so proud. He had a family. He had fallen in love and married. During his time in Heaven, he had become a father. I realized when I woke up that the dream was a gift from God. I realized that we don’t really know what is going to happen in the next life. I realized that it is possible that Ryan will have a new family the next time I see him. Maybe he hasn’t appeared in my dreams lately because he is busy falling in love.

Today, I hope you dream of the life we will have in Heaven, and I hope you dream big.

Dear God,
Thank you for sending us your Son, so that we may know the true meaning of love. Thank you for making the promise you made in that first rainbow. Thank you for building a place for us in our next life.

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