I think today is special enough.

Today I was in my dining room, and took a look at all my good china. I tried to remember how many times I have actually used my china in the nearly 28 years that Kirby and I have been together. It belonged to my great-grandmother, so I am very careful with it and don’t use it often. Then I started thinking:

What are the special occasions we are saving up for? And why aren’t we enjoying those things more often?

Just like my great grandmothers china, there is other stuff around the house that “isn’t for everyday”. Do we think there might be a “special occasion” that we will want to celebrate and it won’t be special if we are using the china we have used before? What am I missing by not enjoying those dishes more often? What am I afraid is going to happen if I do use them? Heaven forbid they break from over use! After all, I think we have 24 dinner plates.

The same could be said for other things too. Did you avoid going to the pool this summer, because of how you look in your swimsuit? Are you afraid of how you look or what other people might think? Are you waiting until you look better? Do you avoid having guests to the house because of how it looks? Are you waiting until you can upgrade?

What if this is as good as it gets? What if you look back and realize that you didn’t look so bad in that suit? Or your house really didn’t look too bad for guests?

What are we missing out while we are waiting for something better?

So today I am going to use the good china.  I am going to invite friends over and not worry about the carpet that needs to be replaced.  I am going to enjoy my life, my family and my friends without worrying about not being perfect.  I am going to again thank God for what I have and not obsess over what I don’t.  I think my great-grandmother would approve.

Dear God,
Thank you for my friends and family. Forgive me for worrying more about things than about people. Help me to enjoy life here, until the day I move on to your world.

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