Today I am sharing prayers.

I started this blog almost 3 months ago, and apparently I have reached the limit of my original thoughts.  Today, I am completely blank on any unique or inspiring ideas.  So, today I am going to share my daily prayers with you and concentrate on all of those that I am praying for.

Dear God,

I am praying for my neighbor who is battling cancer. I pray for her to find courage, strength and peace. I pray for her doctors and nurses. And I especially pray for her family, as they support her through her battle.

I am praying for my pregnant friend who is grieving the loss of her fiancé. I pray that she find joy again. I pray that this baby helps to heal her pain. I pray that she feels Gods arms around her.

I pray for my friend Jack that I wrote about in an earlier post.  He is about to start his senior year of high school.  It is hard to believe that I met him before he was even in school.  I continue to pray for he and his family.

I am praying for my brother Rob. I pray that he finds peace.

I pray for my mom, that she may get relief from her leg and back pain.  And her brother who is struggling with health concerns.

I have so many prayers that have been shared with me for people struggling with depression, addiction and illnesses. They weigh heavy on my heart.

And finally for tonight, I pray for our dog Harley.  We have had him for almost 4 years.  He was a rescue, and we now think he was abused and/or neglected at him former home.  He has gotten aggressive with our other dog, and we are struggling with how to handle it.

As always, I pray for you.

Thank you God for listening,

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