Who will you meet in Heaven?

Who are you most looking forward to seeing when you get to Heaven?

I am sure that it will come as no surprise, if I were to die tonight, the first heavenly body I would want to see is Ryan. When I approach the gates of Heaven, he better be there waiting for me. I want to see that giant smile and hear his voice again. I want to know he is ok. And, I plan to plant a year long bear hug on him. I look forward to that reunion. I hope he will be ready for it.

There are others I look forward to seeing too. My dad is the next person I will hug. Then there will be my grandparents, my father-in-law, and some friends that have left this earth before they really should have. I want to meet all those ancestors who I have learned about in my genealogy research, those who made my life possible and who helped shape who I am. There are so many people that I look forward to seeing and/or meeting when I get there.

Mostly, however, I will want to meet Jesus. I will want to sit at his feet and listen to him preach. I will want to touch the hem of his robe and see the scars he got when he hung on the cross.

I don’t plan on that reunion happening tonight, I don’t think I am done with my job here on earth. But, we never know when that day and time will come. We make plans, we schedule, we think we know where we are going… But, the truth is, only God knows where we are going. Only God knows what our future is. Only He can know our destiny.

So tonight, I put my life in God’s strong hands.

Dear God,
I am so grateful that you are there to watch over us. I look forward to that day when I will sit at your feet, with my loved ones surrounding me, and know that the pain of this world is a distant memory. Until that day, I pray that you guide me toward a better life. I ask that you cover us all with your love.

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