Have you pushed outside your comfort zone?

Last night I met an incredible man. When he was 19, he was in a car accident and broke his neck. He was diagnosed paraplegic and told he would need constant care for the rest of his life. He spoke to the group about overcoming adversity, visualizing your potential and having strength. At the end of his speech, he stood up from his wheelchair and walked across the stage. It was not a perfect stride, but it was definitely beautiful to see. After being told he would be confined to his wheelchair, he eventually learned to golf again, scuba dive and snow ski. It was nothing less than amazing.

The man last night (I am sorry to say, I forgot his name), was told many times that he shouldn’t get his hopes up. Told that he was being too optimistic. Told that his future had been decided. He chose not to believe them. He chose to fight on, against the odds. He knew that he would be more likely to regret not trying, then to try his hardest and not succeed. He chose to make his own destiny.  I may not remember his name, but I will never forget his story.  I will never, ever, forget his courage.

The really happy person is the one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.Anonymous

Throughout our life, we run into unexpected detours. They can come in many shapes and sizes. They can by life changing. And they can be fun, exciting, frightening or devastating. The view isn’t always enjoyable. There are some detours that we can get past, they stop us in our tracks.

Can you imagine if he had chose to believe what he heard.  If he were to have stayed flat on his back and not tried to regain the use of his body.  Like him, we don’t know what are limitations are until we try.  We may fail, but we may not.  You will never know what you can accomplish until you push yourself beyond your comfort zone.  You may just do great things!

Dear God,
Thank you for bring people into my life that show me how amazing things can happen. Help me to remember that I only have one shot at this life, and I need to give it everything I have. I need to learn to push my boundaries and reach for the stars. You gave us the abilities to do great things, help us to achieve them.
In your name,

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