Happiness is for sharing.

A couple times a week, I deliver meals for Meals on Wheels. It is pretty easy, a lunch to a few shut-ins. With pick up and delivery, I could be done and home in about a half hour. But, I like to stay and visit with some of the people. On occasion, I have been known to sit for quite awhile in fact.

There is a reason we do volunteer work, bring flowers to a friend in the hospital, or deliver meals to a shut-in. It makes us happy. Sometimes, in fact, being kind and considerate to others actually benefits us more than the people we’re trying to help.

When I first started this volunteering, I saw it as a chore. There was a need in the Sun Prairie area for drivers and since I am unemployed, I knew I could spare the time. Right from the first delivery though, it changed from an obligation to a joy for me. I enjoy meeting the people, I love how appreciative they are, and they always brighten my day.

“Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today is a great day to spread joy and brighten someone else’s day.  You might just brighten your own in the process.

Dear God,
By sharing your Son with us, you showed us the ultimate gift of giving and love. Help us to follow your example by caring for our neighbors, our friends, our family and even a stranger. Thank you for teaching us to love one another.
In your name.

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