Reality TV

When did reality TV become so popular? Why do we enjoy watching people struggle for their life, compete with each other at any expense, or even just watch strangers try to learn to live together? How can a couple meet on a TV stage, flirt for a few weeks, and suddenly decide they want to spend their lives together? When did it become the norm to put your whole life out there for others to watch?

What ever happened to privacy and discretion? When did vulgarity become normal?

Last night I was flipping through the channels to find something to watch. It used to be that Sunday evenings were the times for old movies and corny TV shows. I honestly could not find anything worth watching. And if the shows weren’t bad enough, the ads for this falls line-up was enough to make me want to never turn the TV on again.

Do you remember in 1993 when “NYPD Blue” drew so much attention for showing a naked butt? It was unheard of on TV. Now there is a show “Naked and Scared” where two strangers are dropped in the wilderness with no clothes and we are supposed to watch how they survive. I am not a prude, but enough is enough. I am sick of situations on TV that make it embarrassing to watch with my daughter or my mom. I am tired of being appalled, sickened, disgusted, enraged and nauseated by some silly reality show. I want to turn on the TV without being afraid of what is going to be on.

What has happened to entertainment?

I don’t envy parents today trying to teach kids morals. It is getting harder with each day to find examples for them to follow. Kids are bombarded with violence, sex and obscenities. I can’t begin to imagine what the world will look like for my grandchildren and their children.

Today I pray for those who have control over what is on TV.  I ask that you do the same.

Dear God,
We are constantly bombarded by violence, vulgarity and profanity. Please help those who are involved with TV programming to provide us with entertainment that is more family friendly. Help us all to remember the influence of what we watch has on the next generation.

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