From the mind of a child.

As you can tell if you have read many of my posts, I like to talk about the gifts God has given us.  There are the type of individual gifts some of us received, like singing, painting, acting, listening, caring…  Then there are the types of gifts that he gave to the entire human race, like the beauty of the earth, music, the ability to love…  I like to talk about those gifts, and I always have.

While teaching Church School several years ago, I challenged a group of kids to come up with what they thought was the greatest gift God gave us, not including the ultimate gift of His son Jesus.  One young man gave an answer that really surprised me:

“I think the greatest gift we all got was freewill.”

What wonderful insight.  God didn’t want puppets, He wasn’t creating us to be a giant game like Sim City.  He created us and then set us free.  He gave us the abilities and gifts to be the type of people he wants us to be.  He sent Jesus to teach us how to love Him.  He gave us this beautiful place to live.  Then, he gave us the freedom to live our own lives.  He wants us to love Him and follow Him, but he left the choice up to us.

In exchange for our freewill, he doesn’t control us when we don’t want him to, so He doesn’t control those things which we wish he would.  We live among people who don’t follow Him, so bad things happen.  We are thrilled to be able to make our own decisions, and then blame God when the world isn’t a perfect place.

So today, I am going to thank God for my freedoms, my gifts, and for allowing me to follow Him because it is my choice.

Dear God,
How do I say what is on my heart? How do I thank you for what you have given me? There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude, but I know that you hear what is on my heart. I can’t hide my feeling from you. I pray that you approve.
In your name.

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