Happy Birthday RJ.

Last week I told you about seeing my friend and her daughter on my “sad” day. They brightened my day and made me smile. They were just the medicine for my terrible mood that day. I am going to call that little girl RJ, and today she is celebrating her 5th birthday.

Happy Birthday RJ!

RJ was born in the Dominican Republic of Congo. She is celebrating her birthday today, although no one knows her real date of birth. Only God knows her birthday and who her parents are. Only God knows how and why she ended up in that orphanage

RJ brightens my day every time I see her. It is impossible to concentrate on worry when I am around her. She is so happy and she always lives in the moment. I don’t think that she even knows what worry is. Living in the present doesn’t allow you to worry. Worry is all about something in the past that you can’t change or something in the future you can’t know. Only God can know that. So:

Give your worries to God, he is up all night anyway.

Today I challenge you to remove the word worry from your vocabulary. I challenge you to live like Rosa and live life just for today.

Dear God,
Today I want to thank you for my friend RJ. I want to thank you for bringing her into my life, to remind me how happy life can be. Please protect her, guide her, and continue to cover her with your love.

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