Who is that one person?

To the world you may just be one person, but to one person you may just be the world.

I first saw that quote several years ago during a time when I was a volunteer with Make A Wish. It spoke to me about what I was doing. It still does. Most of my volunteer work is one-on-one.  I may not change the world, or even my corner of it, but I do try to make someone smile each day.  I try to reach out to someone who needs help.  I try to live up the potential God gave me.

I live my life with that quote in mind. I will never be in a history book, kids will never study what I did in my life, and few people will remember me when I am gone. But each night as I go to bed, I keep one thing in mind:

If it is my time to meet Jesus, if tonight I am headed to heaven, I hope that someone will have told Him I did something  of sustenance.

Today I challenge you to be the world to someone. I challenge you to think about what Jesus will hear about you and how he will greet you in Heaven.

Dear God,
I hope you are proud of me. I hope that I am using my time on earth in a way that pleases you. I hope that on the day I meet you, you will tell me you are happy with the way I lived my life. I know that I can always do better, but I also know that you are patient. Someday, I pray I get it right.

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