He is listening.

“Prayer is not a chore. It’s a joyous lifeline.”

When I read that quote this morning it hit me like a ton of bricks. Why have I never thought of prayer that way before? Why have I always thought of prayer time as a task instead of a privilege?

Why have I never thought of prayer from God’s point of view?

Almost everyone has someone famous they would like to meet. Given the chance, they would love to have the opportunity to talk to some great actor, singer, athlete, politician. They would plan exactly what they would say and be nervous about the meeting. We all have that dream of spending time with our “hero”.

If only we would go to God with that same excitement.

We are given the opportunity, whenever we want, to have an audience with God. We can go to the creator of heaven and earth, and we can know that he is listening. He is not taking time out of a busy day to “squeeze us in”. He doesn’t approach the meeting like He is doing us a favor. He wants to hear from us. He is just waiting for us.

Today I challenge us all to greet God with the enthusiasm and joy that He deserves.

Dear God,
I am embarrassed to think that I don’t give you all the attention you deserve. Instead of giving you the best of me, I squeeze you in when I have time. Forgive me for giving you the leftovers when you deserve the first serving. Forgive me for not rejoicing in your presence. Thank you for loving me, in spite of me.

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