I wish you a restful night.

Since I told you the other day was “one of those days”, I will tell you that last night was “one of those nights”. One of those nights where sleep eluded me. One of those nights where the sand-man was running around our room like a two year on caffeine. One of those nights where my mind wouldn’t shut down and all I could do was listen to Kirby snore.

Have you ever had one of those nights?

I went to bed, turned out the light and said my prayers. And then I laid there and waited to fall asleep. I made mental lists, I thought through things that needed to be done, and I listened to Kirby snore. I thought of some more prayers, I buried my head in the pillow, and I listened to Kirby snore. I did deep breathing, I relaxed my muscles, and….you guessed it, I listened to Kirby snore.

Some nights when I hear him sleep and I can’t, I get cranky. Last night, for whatever reason, listening to him breathe made me feel safe. I was reminded of how lucky I am to have him there with me. I thanked God for my wonderful husband. And I waited to fall asleep.

You can live about 3 weeks without food and you can go about 3 days without water. but both of those you have to find. Sleep is different. You can last about 11 days without sleeping. At some point though, you will go to sleep. Your body will take over, and you will go to sleep.

Sleep is a very strange thing. We can’t “make” ourselves go to sleep. We just have to “let” ourselves. It is something that we need but don’t have control over. God created us to require sleep. He requires us to take a break, put everything aside and rest. He didn’t have to make us that way, but he knew that we might never slow down if he didn’t make it a necessity.

I did finally fall asleep, although it was hours later than I wanted to. And tonight, I will try all over again. I will repeat the process and hope for better results. Tonight, I hope you find rest too.

Gracious and loving God,
Thank you for creating us in a way that we are required to take a break and rest. Thank you for all those things you did when you created us that we take for granted. Thank you for the gift of life. Tonight I pray that all those who can’t sleep because of the weight of the world they carry around, find peace. Please help them to feel your love and allow them to give their worries over to you.
In your name.

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