What is a hero?

Who are the people on this earth that you most admire? What gifts or abilities do they have that make them stand out from other people? Do you have a hero?

Why are there some people that we admire and envy all at the same time?

You can hardly open a paper or turn on the TV without finding a story about a hero. Either an ordinary person in an extraordinary situation, who is suddenly thrust into the spotlight for their heroic actions; or an existing hero who has suddenly done something unbelievably wrong and has fallen from grace before our eyes. Whichever type of story it is, we seem to thrive on the sensationalism of it. We put on our “holier-than-thou” cap and spout that we would or wouldn’t do the exact same thing.

Of course I would risk my life for a stranger. Obviously, I would never throw away fame and fortune for drugs, booze, a man…

We all have people that we love to “follow’. There are people with amazing abilities that are fun to watch. Whether they can catch, throw, hit, run, sing or act; there are just some people that we admire and envy all at the same time. Until they become TOO popular. So often a person becomes TOO famous and the world can’t wait for them to fail. We watch their every move for that one slip when we can say “I knew they weren’t that great!” Instead of hoping that they have learned from their mistakes, we give their jersey (or cd, movie, poster) to Goodwill and look for a new hero. Instead of praying for them to heal, we condemn them for their mistakes.

Today, I hope you see the good in those around you. I hope you are a hero for someone who needs one. And I hope you join me in praying for all our fallen heros.

Dear and forgiving Father,
Today I pray for those among us who we wave our fingers at when we should be praying for them. I ask that we find forgiveness in our hearts for those who we feel have done us wrong. I pray that we remember that everyone on this earth is only human, and worthy of compassion and help.
In your name.

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