I found joy in the smile of a child.

After a rough start to the day yesterday, it ended on a much better note. I thank all of you for your concern, I just still have days like that and I guess I probably always will. Ryan was my only son, I will always miss him.

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time with a friend and her 5 year old daughter. We went to the park and then out to dinner. The little girl was in constant motion, always with a smile on her face. A thought doesn’t come to her mind that doesn’t find its way into words. The littlest things make her laugh. Her presence in my day was a gift from God.

If you ever need to find hope for the future, spend time with a child. If you ever want brutal honesty, spend time with a 5 year old.

The little girl has only been in the country about a year, but her comprehension of English is amazing. If she doesn’t understand, she asks. When she said “thank you” and I responded “no worries”, she quickly called me on it. “You are supposed to say “You are welcome””. When I had salad dressing on my face, she wasn’t afraid to let me know. And when her mother and I had talked too long without including her, she asked for our attention. She is honest about everything and not afraid of it.

It was a wonderful evening. I was able to smile, laugh and share time with some great people. I was reminded how beautiful the world can be. I saw a hope for the future in the sparkling eyes of a beautiful 5 year old.

Today, I hope you look around you to see all the hope for the future. I hope you hear a child giggle and appreciate the true joy in it. I hope you smile.

Dear God,
Thank you for Rosa. Thank you for bringing her into my life. I pray that I am reminded everyday of the wonderful way that children see the world and that I am able to find so much joy in even the smallest of things. Thank you for the gift of laughter, please help me to continue to share that gift with the world.
In your name,

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