My view from Heaven

Looking out the window from my plane ride home last night, I had a very strange thought:

Is this what heaven will feel like?

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t think we will be served bad food, crammed into a small space with too many people.  I don’t think we will be looking at things through a dirty window.  I don’t think we will be fighting for elbow room, watching a boring movie.  I just was looking out the window at my view of the world below.

As we flew, I saw some fireworks. I am sure someone on the ground was thinking how spectacular they were, and was in awe of their beauty. From my window however, they were insignificant. I could barely see them. They were no bigger than my fingernail and I could have missed them if I hadn’t looked at that exact moment. In fact I would have forgotten them immediately if that thought hadn’t crossed my mind.

Is this what heaven will feel like?

When we look back on those things that seemed so overwhelming, will we have a different perception?  Will our priorities change with our new view? Will we forget about the worries that keep us awake now, and only think about our final destination? Will where we are going put into perspective what is important and what isn’t? Will we even remember some of those things that seem so overwhelming to us now?

Today, I challenge you to let go of those things that keep you awake and put worry lines on your face.  I challenge you to see your world from a new perspective.

Dear God,
We worry constantly about things in this life that we know aren’t important. We let those small things control us. Please help us to learn what is worthy of our time, attention and care. Guide us to live a life worth living.
In your name,

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