How will you treat a stranger?

Have you ever seen the movie “The Bucket List”? It was a movie about 2 men (Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) who met in a hospital and were nearing the end of their lives. They took off on an adventure to check off things on their ultimate list of “things to do”.  I recently started thinking about my “bucket list”. What things do I want to see, do and try while I still have the chance.

Do you have a bucket list?

Life is a funny thing. We never know when this life will end and we will enter Gods kingdom. We never know when we get out of bed what the day will bring. Plan as we will, only God knows our future. Only he knows how many days we each have left.

How do you want to spend those days?

I have been lucky enough to do quite a bit of travelling in my life. I have been to nearly all of the states (except Alaska), but have only left the US to go to some of the Caribbean islands. I have seen amazing places and met incredible people.  I find it interesting that most places Kirby and I have gone to that we have said we want to revisit, have been in part to the kindness of the people we met while there. A great view often lost some of its beauty if the “locals” made us felt unwelcome. Human interaction always impacted the visit. I always remember that when I meet a stranger.

So today, if you are at home or away, remember how the way you interact with a stranger will affect their day. Treat them as you would want to be treated, and check “being kind to a stranger” off your list (until the next stranger you meet!)

Dear God,
You have given us a beautiful place to live and amazing people to share our space with. Thank you for making this such a great place to spend this life. We know that it will pale in comparison when we join you, but help us to remember to enjoy and care for what we have here.
In your name,

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