Who are you helping today?

Tomorrow evening is the Sun Prairie Relay for Life. This is the 10th year that Ryan’s Team Trojan has participated. Ryan was very dedicated to supporting The American Cancer Society and his final wish was that he “raise more money than any other kid” at his final relay in July 2009. He was not with us for that relay, but a lot of money was raised in his memory. I hope that our continued participation makes him proud. We miss him everyday, and especially at this annual event.

So today, I am very thankful for those incredible people who spend their lives working for a cure to cancer. I thank God, yet again, for the doctors, researchers, and scientists. I thank Him for all those who work to raise money for research, and for all those who donate to the cause so close to our hearts.

Friday evening I will be praying for everyone at our Relay for Life. I will be praying for the survivors, caregivers, and those we have lost to the disease. I will be praying that everyone there has fun and that they all find peace. I especially pray that those fighting for their lives, find strength and hope from those around them.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and if you live in Sun Prairie, I hope you stop by the relay.

Dear and loving God,
Thank you for this gift of life. We all know that this life comes with no guarantees, help us to appreciate every day for the gift it is. Please provide wisdom and courage to those looking for a cure, generosity to those who are asked to support the cause, and strength to the caregivers. Most importantly, please watch over all those souls already fighting the disease, so that they feel your loving arms around them.
It is in your name I pray,

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