Hello, I hope you are well.

I really enjoy watching people. I enjoy watching them and wondering who they are and where they are going. I wonder what kind of person they are and if they are watching me too.

I was in the airport the other day, between flights, people watching. I was watching people walk leisurely or rushing, people talking on their cell phones, looking at monitors for the flights, sitting and reading papers. People from all over the world, travelling for business or pleasure. I saw every possible size, age and color of people in every possible combination. All very different people from different places who just happen to be in that place at that time. People that I will most likely never see again.

As I sat down, I found a note that someone had left on the table. It said:

“Technology, does it unite us, or further seclude us. We no longer have to talk to strangers. Challenge yourself and talk to a stranger and put away the phone.”

That note got me to thinking. I do spend a lot of time watching people. And I pray for others every chance I get. I sit here at my computer and write my thoughts. I spend my time watching, writing, texting. I stay in touch with so many of my friends and family through technology. What I don’t do is actually reach out to people.

So today, I challenge you (and myself) to reach out to someone. Say hello to a stranger. Visit a neighbor. Find a shut-in that would love to have company. Smile at someone who walks past you. Say a heartfelt thank you to someone who waites on you. Call your mother (or father, sister, brother or grandparent). Talk to someone you haven’t talked to for awhile. Slow down and appreciate the people in you life.

Dear God,
Thank you for the people you bring into our lives. Help us to remember how important they are. Please bless and protect those we love.
In your name,

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