Today I am praying for Nathan

Do you ever have days where someone is on your mind? A day where you don’t know why, but there is a specific person that keeps invading your thoughts? Today, for me, that person is my nephew Nathan. I don’t have much contact with Nathan. In fact I haven’t seen him for several years. But today, he is on my mind.

Nathan was a pretty typical kid. He was smart, funny, cute and challenging. Then in his late teens he started changing. Like so many with mental illness, it was tough to understand when it came on. Nathan struggles with schizophrenia. I am not sure where Nathan is now. I hope he is taking his medicines. I hope he is safe and at peace. I hope he knows that the family loves him and is praying for him.

This happens to me occasionally, I wake up feeling like I should be praying for someone. I believe that God lays a person on your heart, hoping that you will listen and pray for them.

So today, I pray for all those people out there struggling with mental illness. I pray they find peace and that they have people in their lives that love them. Today, I pray for Nathan.

Dear caring and loving God,
Please help us to understand and care for those among us that suffer from a mental illness. Help them to find peace and safety. Help them to feel your love. Please protect them from themselves. Thank you for your love.
In your name,

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